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Yes. Since proper labelling is an important aspect of marketing the cosmetic products, we inform our customers about the product’s intended uses and complete information about the product in the label

At Astley, you can find the product recommendations as well as information about the skin type it suits. Hence you can find the right product based on your needs from our wide range of collections.

If you don’t know how to use the products, then you can find small information on how to use it on our products. Hence you can follow the instructions on the products to use it properly.

Astley products are manufactured carefully to maintain high-quality. Our innovative skin and hair care systems are the combinations of the finest quality ingredients including the active ingredients with proven effectiveness. Our products contain high-quality ingredients which will provide promising results depending upon your usage and skin’s condition.

The effectiveness of the active ingredients we have used has been proven in scientific studies. Hence all our formulas are carefully made and tested for their effectiveness and skin-friendliness.

Astley’s skin and hair care products can be considered as an individual cosmetic regimen. This means that our products have all the active ingredients and fragrance essential. If you wish you can combine with other Astley products to get the desired results. Since our products are carefully manufactured they provide the best treatment for your hair and skin. If you wish, you can also use it with other products.

Our products are intended to cleanse or beautify a person’s body. Since the ingredients are carefully picked, most of the time, no one will get any side effects. But if you have any reaction to a product, you can contact your doctor or other health care provider to cure it. You can also report it to use so that we can fix the issues.

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